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My name is Kenneth, I’m a 23-year-old Congolese residing in South Africa as a refugee. My family moved from DRC (Lubumbashi) to Johannesburg when I was 4 years old, escaping political violence at that time. My parents separated in 2010, so we had my mom doing the effort to make ends meet, until me and my little sister had to graduate from high school and get jobs to contribute to the family income.

As refugees in South Africa, mom had to do some jumble sales, she earned so little to pay for the rent, so putting food on the table becomes difficult, realising that it would be impossible to pay for our tuition.
So I have been so keen on earning and saving my own money to further my studies. I currently work from 7 am – 7 pm in a small printing shop and my little sister works as a sales assistant in a mall, but even with our income it only caters to food and some other basic needs.

My plan is to study Computer Sciences and pursue a career as a Software Developer/Engineer. I know that not having the necessary resources for my studies will be a challenge, and this sponsorship campaign will help me with the resources I need ( laptop, text-books, unlimited internet, and register for online courses) so I can focus the remaining 5 hours on studying at night while I work during the day, and ultimately graduating and reach my goals.