Directors At A Glance

What We Expect From Our Board Of Directors

What is the role of S4S’s Board and its Directors?

The role of S4S’s Board and its Directors is to plan, oversee, and help implement sponsorship campaigns and scholarship programs, advocacy and outreach activities, and development and fundraising strategies. Directors play an active role in both determining and implementing S4S’s agenda and priorities through regular attendance at board meetings, involvement in committee, tasks forces, and participation in programmatic and development activities.

What does S4S expect from its leaders?

S4S Directors are leaders who act as:

    1. Ambassadors who represent S4S thoughtfully and effectively in the community, to external stakeholders, and among its own constituencies.
    2. Consultants who lend professional and personal expertise and contacts in government, business, and civic arena to advance S4S’s mission, vision, and goals.
    3. Governors who oversee and act as fiduciaries that ensure S4S’s legal and regulatory compliance, its financial management, and that it remains committed to its established mission.
    4. Advocates who implement S4S’s agenda and priorities and seek out new opportunities that advance its mission objectives.
    5. Builders who help expand S4S’s reach by identifying and cultivating donor-sponsors, sponsorship and scholarship campaigns, and future Board leaders.
    6. Fundraisers who, as leader, accept helping S4S meet its financial needs by assisting in resource development. This entails engaging professional contacts to participate in S4S’s giving network, identifying award recipients, and manage campaign and program success.

What else does S4S expect from its Directors?

Directors will familiarize themselves with the Board of Directors Manual and its content including S4S’s By-Laws, the Mission, Vision, and Goals statement, and will actively participate to advance S4S’s financial and programmatic priorities and objectives. S4S’s Directors will attend and participate in at least 80% of the four (4) quarterly scheduled regular meetings each year, the annual meeting of the Board, and other S4S programs or events. Directors are responsible for the success for up to (6) sponsorship campaigns each year. Directors will work collegially and courteously with other S4S Directors and staff.

Are you interested in becoming a board member?

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