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Help a girl child - YWM Central Society

I am writing this letter on behalf of Young Women’s Manyano (YWM) Central Society 901 which strives for the realization of potential and promotes living as transformed disciples called to develop and attain holistic growth through skills develop, talent promotion, provision of safe spaces and advocacy for healing and transformation.

One of our aims of YWM is to promote education in all aspect. We believe that educating and empowering young children and the society at large can have a positive impact to the nation.

The YWM, target mostly children. However we have a commitment with the Intombi Shelter Outreach, We have taken the responsibility that we will do the project with them where will initiate back to school or adopt a child to fulfill the goals of the organization.

However to expand our program and help the needy people, we request you to make some monetary contribution to the organization. To carry forward our ambitious project and make our nation a better place, we kindly request you to help us financially. Any amount of monetary donation is welcome and we will be highly honored and obliged for the support you have offered.

Thank you for considering our letter and giving us some of your precious time. If you have any queries, please contact us in the given email and the address mention at the end of this letter.